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of Croatia and the Plitvice Lakes

With a surface area of 294.82 square kilometers, Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest of Croatia’s eight National parks. Plitvice Lakes were declared as a national park in 1949, making it the first and oldest National Park in Croatia. In 1979, Plitvice Lakes were included in the UNESCO list of World Natural Heritage sites.
Having a unique set of lakes, cascades, waterfalls, ancient forests and biodiversity the Plitvice Lakes offer you a relaxing walk through the magical palette of colors, from azure blue to turquoise green.

The park can be visited through the whole year, and each part of the year gives the lakes a new guise which offers a unique experience. One of the first researchers of the natural phenomenon was Academic Ivo Pevalek who in 1937. said: “There are water, lakes, waterfalls and forests elsewhere, but Plitvice Lakes are unique.

They simply must be seen!”

Besides the park you can visit the mysterious Barać Caves to experience the atmosphere underneath the earth and witness its beauty with all the halls and unique structures inside.

Or you can visit nearby Town of Slunj, and amazing Rastoke – The Millers village made on waterfalls.
There are no words which could describe the beauty and harmony of this area, therefore visit us, experience and be a part of this pristine and intact nature.


Plitvice Lakes and Rakovica are great for active holidays.
Winter specials are sledging and skiing at the small ski-resort, Mukinje, 7 km away from us.

It is also possible to make a day trip to Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Šibenik, Trogir, NP Krka, NP Paklenica, NP North Velebit and a trip over our border into the city of Bihać.

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We offer transfer services from all airports and destinations in the region in the Plitvice Lakes National Park and vice versa.

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Rent a bike

Rent a bike to explore our villages and attractions marked bicycle paths

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Leisurely walk surroundings or discover one of the all-day walking tours

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In the summer months take refreshment swim in river Korana

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Horse riding

Horse riding is also a possibility only 6 km away from our hotel, in the countryside of Jelov Klanac

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Fans of adrenaline and adventure, within 25 km from the hotel, may enjoy activities such as rafting/kayaking

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ATV tours

If you want to really experience the Plitvice Lakes go to the discovery of unknown paths on ATW-s

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Adventure tours

Plitvice area offers great activities such as kayaking on Mreznica river, cycling & horseriding through the Plitvice Valleys, ATV off road tour & zipline

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Walking and hiking tours

Explore different trails and discover the magnificent Plitvice Lakes with our experienced guides

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Tours and day trips

Choose a tour or trip to selected destinations

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Tito's villa & big waterfall tour

Discover the mysterious history of the infamous villa, also refered to as „Object 99“ located at the spring of the „Big Waterfall“

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